Are you in Christ?

Are you in Christ? of course yes! we all have the same answer..i pray,i communicate with god,i do things for god,so i am in Christ. is   it really so or is it just our own feeling.if you are in Christ,you obey Christ. you keep faith in all the circumstances..when troubles come,we don't need to run to different people .Jesus has given you the authority to talk to him.if we are in Christ we boldly face problems .you and god can deal it.being bitter and angry when problems come,makes the Satan others..have a good relationship with other humans.
"If you shut other people out,then you also imprison yourself.We like it or not,Jesus has taught us to love each other ,as he had loved us.(John 15:12).We have to be involved with one another,be for one another.yes! you will get hurt.But god is your healer.He lives in you and he can fix what anybody does to you.So if you claim you are in Christ,then show Christ to others!