Be a comforter,not ruiner

Recently i got a very touching letter from one of my friend..and it made me think a lot..and i felt every word she said was perfectly true..she had  explained the world around us...and people around us.the hurts she experienced...  ..some decisions in our life make us  realize  who our real & true friends are.
 Friends & loved ones whom we have helped and cared a lot fail to recognize you or avoid you... It is sad that   someone uses U only for their selfish needs..At the same time, I have seen friends -who have never sought any help for selfish things from me- rise up to be true friends. I have seen total strangers act like angels-sent-from-heaven lending a helping hand when U needed them in an adverse situation. When I would be feeling at the lowest, a good friend or two would call me on phone just like that, to be shoulder to lean upon as if they felt my feelings and that would uplift my spirits.  but I feel that God was teaching me that how one should ‘be’ or ‘not be’ to others in life. I have felt God’s love in many ways -sometimes it maybe a phone call from a friend whom U hadn't be expecting to call or maybe a chat in FB.;  I knew those hard times too will pass by God’s grace. This time I have vowed that when God gives me strength in my hands to support others in need, I will by God’s grace rise to the occasion. I also ask you all too to be a comforter & friend-in-need to a family member or a relative or a friend, where sometimes at least a phone call would be valued very much.Be a blessing to a comforter not a ruiner!