Jesus and Me

Its hard to explain my relation with him. Its beyond words and expressions. He has been with me every seconds of my life, as my friend and consoler.i dont remember which age i started praying but it was during my schooldays and mostly during exams. I didnt know anything more about god. It was during 1997 that i first experienced him. I was a girl who went to church and prayed daily like any others. But didnt ever felt god. It was on october 30th 1997. I had been sent from college due to severe phemonia. I was bedridden. And i coud hardly open my eyes. My parents were worried as it was late night and they cud not take me to the hospital. I could not move any part of my body. And our neighbour jayanpastor came home and prayed for me..That night i tried hard to sleep.But i couldnt. I felt it was my last day. I never had such pain before.  Suddenly i felt a voice saying to me to read Isaih 43.  I ignored it.But i heard it again and again.I tried to move my hands my  to take the bible which was near my pillow.. I tried hard and reached out to it.and the page i got was Isaiah 43.I was surprised at this magic I took isaih 43 and read it. It said.
          "Do not be afraid..I will save you.I have called you by name-you are mine.
          When  you pass through deep waters,I will be with you
          Your troubles will not overwhelm you
         When you pass through fire,you will not be burnt
          The hard trials that come will not hurt you,For i am the lord your god
          You are precious to me and because i love you and give you honor
          Do not be afraid-I am with you"
 I didnt know what happened. But i was sweating and felt something getting away from my body.. And that moment i was healed. I could move, jump, walk. I read and read it manytimes.I had no signs of even a slight fever. That was the first time god talked to me. Manytimes in my life He talked to me through prayers and verses. My relation with him was so personal that i never discussed with anyone. My spirituality was never public. I liked to keep my spirituality personal. I close my doors and pray. Many times jesus have done miracles in my life . He always showed me he loves his children more than anything. And i am  his favourite child.But then i realised our testimonies can do great things to others.and  i started sharing my experiences to others.  In my life i had many hard trials, but in all that my jesus was with me..Bible says " Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD will hold me close..He is the one person whom you can trust.He is your only best friend.Nothing in this world could harm you."If god be for us,who can be against us"..Amen

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